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Lex Bridge LLP is one of the leading consultancy firms that thinks globally, understands technology and the needs of tech-enabled businesses. We understand the unique challenges and complexities faced by businesses in the digital space. Whether you are a retail or institutional broker, a liquidity provider, a payment solutions provider, a healthcare professional, a virtual asset service provider (VASP) or a marketing solutions firm, we have the expertise to provide you with comprehensive legal support tailored to your specific needs.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of service and support. We believe in building long-term relationships with our clients and providing them with personalised attention and support. With our deep understanding of the regulatory landscape and extensive experience in financial and crypto-related matters, we are here to guide you through the complexities and help you achieve your goals in this innovative, dynamic and transformative space.

Private Equity

Private equity is a mechanism to invest in or acquire a private company not listed on the stock exchange. Our private equity services are tailored to help companies realise their growth potential. We unlock opportunities enabling companies to grow and enhance their performance. At Lex Bridge LLP we identify the most promising investment prospects that enable our clients to get the most out of their investment with efficient deployment of capital. Our corporate law specialists cover all aspects of the investment to make it secure.

Tax Law and Financial Institutions

Our financial services target different types of corporate and commercial transactions in real estate, financial institutions, consumer finance and crypto. We advise creditors, investors, financial institutions and troubled companies in all types of restructuring and regulatory matters. The global scope of Lex Bridge LLP’s services is a testament to our team’s versatility, knowledge and ability in Finance Law.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is a set of rules and corporate practices used to govern and control businesses. Corporate governance experts at Lex Bridge LLP will provide you top of the class advice and guidance on corporate governance codes, and help you in making corporate affair decisions, handle disputes, and regulate shareholder and executive relations. Our experts are fully acquainted with recent developments and protect you from any unforeseen corporate risk.

In-house Management Services

Attorneys at Lex Bridge LLP are fully equipped with and have high level technical skills, knowledge and experience in legal department and project management. We offer advice and guide firms in implementing legal technology-based solutions. Our legal management consulting services span across different industries and cover a wide range of service areas specifically in the reg-Tech sector

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property is a set of intangible assets that have no physical existence but are the centre of attention for any business. We are responsible to secure, protect and monetise your intellectual property rights and get the most out of them. All our attorneys have high level technical skills, knowledge and experience in handling copyrights, trademark, patents and design rights. Our attorneys have a deep understanding of intellectual property law and corporate and commercial law.

Corporate and Commercial Contracts

Corporate and commercial contracts govern the relationships between businesses and between business and consumers. Lex Bridge LLP has represented several companies in counselling on proposal preparation, challenges to contract awards, contract performance issues and negotiation and litigation of contract disputes. Our corporate and commercial law services are available in US, UK, EU, MENA regions and around the world.

Employment Laws

Employment laws are a bundle of rules, regulations, and policies governing the relationship between employer and employee. We manage global employment relations, international employment disputes, employment agreements, and compliance with employment laws and assess risk and benefits of global operations decisions in US, UK, EU and MENA regions. Whether you seek advice or want to handle employment disputes at local or international level Lex Bridge LLP is the choice.


Incorporation services cover from business idea all the way up to operationalizing a company. We provide customised services to entrepreneurs and companies in setting up and building new entities best suited to their business requirements. Lex Bridge LLP will help you reserve company names, draft company documents, filing of applications, securing certificates and check compliance requirements. We commit to secure and protect you and your company from any legal and regulatory liability.

AML/CFT, Anti-bribery and Corruption Regulations

AML & CFT laws and regulations are aimed to counter money laundering, terror financing and corruption. Our qualified and knowledgeable lawyers and compliance specialists conduct AML/CFT regulatory audits, evaluate KYC/KYB/KYI requirements, and ensure compliance with AML/CFT laws and regulations. Lex Bridge LLP dedicates its full resources protecting its clients from any clandestine money.

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy

Cybersecurity laws are put in place to protect computer systems, mobile devices, networks and servers from cyber criminals. At Lex Bridge LLP we provide tailored and practical advice on cybersecurity and data privacy to national and multinational clients ranging from startups to well established companies. Additionally, we help and guide clients to put in place policies and practices to counter malicious attacks. Our cybersecurity audits help clients identify weaknesses and flaws in their control system and take corrective and timely measures to mitigate any potential risk.

Environmental and Employment Code

Through environmental codes, regulatory authorities encourage businesses to adopt environmentally friendly business practices. Lex Bridge LLP will help you adopt such practices and make your business sustainable. Our well trained professionals offer advice and support to businesses regarding compliance with complicated environmental laws and regulations during mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity offerings, bank loans and other business transactions.

Healthcare Regulation Compliance

Health data is one of the most sensitive personal data, so healthcare regulations are put in place to make sure such data is well guarded. In the same way Lex Bridge LLP helps and guides healthcare providers and practitioners inculcate those regulations in their practices to -pWe offer healthcare compliance services in various jurisdictions such as US, UK, EU and MENA regions. We make sure that our client’s business practices are in line with healthcare data protection and privacy laws.

Data Protection and Privacy

Data protection and privacy laws provide the direction to use and protect the data of individuals. Our data protection and privacy experts are well versed in all major data protection laws and regulatory measures. We not only ensure that our clients data is well protected, we also help and guide our clients put in place measures so that their end users data is well guarded. We ensure that our clients and their systems, contracts and terms of service are fully compliant with the relevant data privacy regimes.

Financial Compliance Services

Financial laws and regulations are imposed on financial institutions to protect the assets of individuals entrusted with the financial institutions. Our financial compliance services include banking, insurance laws, investment laws, consumer protection laws and financial institutions regulating laws. Risk management in this complex and changing regulatory landscape is difficult but Lex Bridge LLP will make it effortless.

Virtual Assets and Crypto Compliance

Are you seeking expert legal guidance in the fast-paced world of fintech or cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology? Look no further! LexBridge LLP is a leading law firm specialising in providing comprehensive legal services tailored specifically for the financial sector and crypto industry. With our deep understanding of the regulatory landscape and extensive experience in financial and crypto-related matters, we are here to guide you through the complexities and help you achieve your goals in this innovative, dynamic and transformative field.

Reasons to count on us

Global Reach-Local depth

Lexbridge is committed to providing our client with the best of both worlds and we maintain a deep understanding of the local laws and regulations in the region's weather our clients operate, which enables us to provide our clients with the kind of personalised dand high quality service that they expect. Whether you are a global corporation dealing in digital or virtual assets, or exchange, or providing crypto wallet services to businesses operating across different jurisdictions or a local business looking for personalised legal services, we have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Experienced Team

We have a team of experienced professionals who are committed to providing the highest level of services to our clients. We believe that a strong team is the key to success, which is why we invest in our people and provide ongoing training and development opportunities to ensure that our team members are up to date with the latest legal and regulatory development and technologies such as virtual assets. This commitment to excellence is reflected in everything we do, from our clients interactions to the service we provide.

High Ethical Standard

Our team of professionals is dedicated to upholding the principles of honesty, integrity and transparency, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of professional conduct. Our commitment to ethical standards is reflected in our approach to all aspects of our work, from the way we communicate with our client to the way we interact with other professionals in the legal community. We are dedicated to maintaining a culture of integrity and respect, and we believe that this is the foundation of our success.

Client Centric Solutions

Lex Bridge LLP understands that each client is unique and has specific needs, and we tailor our services to provide a customised solution that meets their individual requirements. Our team of professionals take the time to understand our clients' goals and objectives, as well as the challenges they face. By doing so, we are able to provide a comprehensive and strategic solution that takes into account all relevant, legal, regulatory and business considerations.

Agile and Responsive

At LexBridge LLP, we have developed a culture of agility and responsiveness that is built into everything we do. Our team of professionals is equipped to handle urgent and complex matters, and we are always available to provide quick and effective solutions when our clients need us most. We believe in open communication and collaboration, and we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and provide solutions that are tailored to their unique circumstances. We understand that each client is different, and we take the time to develop a deep understanding of their goals and objectives so that we can provide the most effective solution in the shortest possible time.

Environmentally conscious

At Lexbridge LLP, we understand that the legal industry can have a significant carbon footprint, and we are committed to doing our part to reduce our impact. We take a proactive approach to environmental sustainability, incorporating environmentally conscious practices throughout our operations. This includes reducing our paper consumption, using energy efficient technologies, and minimising waste through recycling and composting. We are dedicated to promoting sustainable practices throughout the legal industry, and we work closely with our clients to find environmentally conscious solutions to their legal needs.

360 Degree Approach

LexBridge LLP takes a comprehensive, 360 degree approach to its clients’ legal needs. We understand that legal issues can be complex and multifaceted and we believe that a holistic approach is necessary to provide our clients with the best possible solution. Our approach starts with understanding our client’s unique needs and goals. We take the time to listen and understand their concerns, and work closely with them to develop a personalised strategy that meets their legal and compliance objectives.

Our Clients


We provide legal and compliance services across different sectors and industries. Our legal and compliance services include corporate and commercial contracts, tax, private equity, intellectual property, employment, corporate governance and in-house counsel, healthcare, financial, environmental and employment, data protection and privacy regulations. Additionally, we provide cybersecurity, AML/CFT and crypto compliance services.

  • Copyright is governed by copyright laws and it is granted to original work, it does not necessarily need registration. 
  • Trademark is governed by trademark laws and it is granted to a unique word, symbol and/or design that identifies a product. Like copyright, trademark registration is also optional. 
  • Patent is governed by patent laws and it protects inventions like processes, technique, methodologies, and designs in exchange for public disclosure of the invention.

Yes, most of the data protection laws, especially GDPR provide the data subject the right to own personal data and the right to migration. Knowing your rights to your personal data is a must.

Due diligence is an exercise of care carried out by experts to know the status of a business or a business transaction. It helps assess the feasibility and viability of the business or a business transaction. It assesses the company’s legal standing, financial records, physical assets, IP, licences, permits, important employees, and contracts.

Conduct customer due diligence (CDD), customer identification program (CIP), and enhanced due diligence (EDD). 

Evaluate your existing customers, policies, procedures and internal controls to highlight risk areas. 

Conduct risk based AML/CFT audits, identify deficiencies and respond to regulators with the goal of minimising the potential for an enforcement action. Developing policies and best practices for monitoring and managing risk with business counterparties.

Crypto compliance is crucial because it helps protect investors, maintain market integrity, and prevent financial crimes. By complying with regulatory measures, individuals and businesses can mitigate legal and reputational risks, ensure the stability of the crypto ecosystem, and foster trust among stakeholders.

We provide comprehensive legal services to individuals involved in the crypto industry, including investors, entrepreneurs, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Our services include advising on regulatory compliance, intellectual property protection, dispute resolution, and personal asset management.

Launching an ICO or STO involves complex legal considerations. It is important to comply with securities laws, provide clear and transparent information to investors, and ensure regulatory compliance throughout the offering process. Our team can assist with structuring and navigating the legal requirements of token offerings.

Technology law is a set of laws governing the development, application and use of technology. It encompasses all the ways in which modern devices, methodologies and techniques are used in communication.

General Data Protection Regulations, primarily applicable in the EU, is the most comprehensive data protection and privacy law present to date. Many countries around the world have adopted the law with some modifications. Other data protection and privacy laws applicable in specific jurisdictions are the California Consumer Privacy Act, Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act, and New Zealand Privacy Act.

The Data Processing Agreement, (DPA), is a contract between a data controller and data processor defining the role and responsibility of each party. The purpose of DPA is to regulate data privacy in regards to compliance with data protection laws.

Anti Money Laundering and Counter Financing Terrorism are a set of laws put in place by different countries and international financial organisations to counter money laundering and terrorism financing.

Crypto compliance refers to adhering to the legal and regulatory requirements governing crypto stock, exchange and wallets. It involves implementing measures to ensure transparency, security, and accountability in cryptocurrency transactions and activities, while also preventing money laundering, fraud, and other illicit activities.

Crypto businesses must adhere to various compliance requirements, including:

  • Conducting customer due diligence (KYC) procedures to verify the identity of their users.
  • Implementing anti-money laundering (AML) measures and reporting suspicious transactions.
  • Maintaining proper records and audit trails of transactions and customer information.
  • Complying with tax regulations and reporting cryptocurrency-related income.
  • Adhering to securities regulations if dealing with security tokens or conducting initial coin offerings (ICOs).
  • Complying with data protection laws like the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Cross-border issues and conflicts of laws regarding virtual assets are complex and challenging to resolve. Virtual assets, such as cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital art, are often decentralised and transnational, meaning that they are not subject to the jurisdiction or regulation of any single country. This creates legal uncertainty and risks for users, investors, and regulators alike.

To deal with the issues and conflicts, some possible solutions are:


  • The harmonisation and coordination of legal frameworks: Countries may seek to harmonise and coordinate their legal frameworks for virtual assets, by adopting common definitions, standards, and principles, or by entering into bilateral or multilateral agreements or treaties. This may help to reduce legal uncertainty and inconsistency, and to facilitate cross-border cooperation and enforcement.
  • The development and adoption of self-regulatory mechanisms: Users and investors of virtual assets may also rely on self-regulatory mechanisms, such as codes of conduct, best practices, industry associations, or dispute resolution platforms. These may help to establish trust and accountability among the stakeholders, and to provide guidance and solutions for common issues and conflicts.
  • The use of technology-based solutions: Users and investors of virtual assets may also use technology-based solutions, such as smart contracts, decentralised applications (DApps), or blockchain-based identity systems. These may help to automate transactions, enforce agreements, verify identities, and protect data in a secure and transparent manner.

Our team consists of competent, well experienced and professional experts having deep understanding in digital assets and block chain technology. Our tailored services assist businesses and individuals in need of regulatory and compliance guidance. Our work enables clients to manage risks, enhance anti-money laundering (AML) programs customised for crypto assets and protect their businesses from financial crimes.

News & Annoucements

SOC 2 Type-II Certification completed for Shufti Pro Limited

We are pleased to announce that recently we procured an SOC certificate for one of our clients Shufti Pro Limited, fortifying its overall cybersecurity posture as well as enhancing client confidence in its security architecture. In addition to ensuring cybersecurity, the SOC certificate also provides valuable insights into associated risks and security infrastructure, vendor management, internal controls governance, regulatory oversight, and more. Protection of our clients from regulatory breaches and handling of the sensitive and confidential information by them in a diligent manner is our primary target. We carry out comprehensive compliance audits and assist our clients in formulating policies and procedures that are aligned not only with their business needs but are accepted across the industry as secure and reliable thus minimising the risk  resulting in and arising from data breaches.

Web Application Pentest Certification completed for Shufti Pro Limited

We are delighted to share that through our collaborative efforts and expertise, one of our clients Shufti Pro Limited has successfully obtained their Web Application Penetration Test Certificate. Penetration testing, often referred to as pen testing, is a crucial process that involves the evaluation of an organisation's security infrastructure by simulating real-world cyber-attacks. By conducting this rigorous assessment, vulnerabilities and weaknesses within the system are identified, allowing proactive measures to be taken in safeguarding sensitive information and fortifying overall security. With our deep industry knowledge, technical proficiency, and a commitment to excellence, we have guided Shufti Pro throughout the entire pen testing process, offering tailored solutions that meet their unique requirements. The achievement of the Web Application Penetration Test Certificate is a testament of our dedication to our client’s cybersecurity and their commitment to protecting their valuable assets and information. By obtaining this certificate, we not only showcased  our client’s proactive approach to security but also demonstrated their commitment to meeting regulatory standards and industry best practices strengthening their position as a trusted and reliable organisation in the industry.