With the help of our highly qualified team members we can anticipate and address any legal or business challenge anywhere in the world.

Private Equity

Private equity is a mechanism to invest in or acquire a private company not listed on the stock exchange. Our private equity services are tailored to help companies realise their growth potential. We unlock opportunities enabling companies to grow and enhance their performance. At Lex Bridge LLP we identify the most promising investment prospects that enable our clients to get the most out of their investment with efficient deployment of capital. Our corporate law specialists cover all aspects of the investment to make it secure.

Tax Law and Financial Institutions

Our financial services target different types of corporate and commercial transactions in real estate, financial institutions, consumer finance and crypto. We advise creditors, investors, financial institutions and troubled companies in all types of restructuring and regulatory matters. The global scope of Lex Bridge LLP’s services is a testament to our team’s versatility, knowledge and ability in Finance Law.

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is a set of rules and corporate practices used to govern and control businesses. Corporate governance experts at Lex Bridge LLP will provide you top of the class advice and guidance on corporate governance codes, and help you in making corporate affair decisions, handle disputes, and regulate shareholder and executive relations. Our experts are fully acquainted with recent developments and protect you from any unforeseen corporate risk.

In-house Management Services

Attorneys at Lex Bridge LLP are fully equipped with and have high level technical skills, knowledge and experience in legal department and project management. We offer advice and guide firms in implementing legal technology-based solutions. Our legal management consulting services span across different industries and cover a wide range of service areas specifically in the reg-Tech sector.

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property is a set of intangible assets that have no physical existence but are the centre of attention for any business. We are responsible to secure, protect and monetise your intellectual property rights and get the most out of them. All our attorneys have high level technical skills, knowledge and experience in handling copyrights, trademark, patents and design rights. Our attorneys have a deep understanding of intellectual property law and corporate and commercial law.

Corporate and Commercial Contracts

Corporate and commercial contracts govern the relationships between businesses and between business and consumers. Lex Bridge LLP has represented several companies in counselling on proposal preparation, challenges to contract awards, contract performance issues and negotiation and litigation of contract disputes. Our corporate and commercial law services are available in US, UK, EU, MENA regions and around the world.

Employment Laws

Employment laws are a bundle of rules, regulations, and policies governing the relationship between employer and employee. We manage global employment relations, international employment disputes, employment agreements, and compliance with employment laws and assess risk and benefits of global operations decisions in US, UK, EU and MENA regions. Whether you seek advice or want to handle employment disputes at local or international level Lex Bridge LLP is the choice.


Incorporation services cover from business idea all the way up to operationalizing a company. We provide customised services to entrepreneurs and companies in setting up and building new entities best suited to their business requirements. Lex Bridge LLP will help you reserve company names, draft company documents, filing of applications, securing certificates and check compliance requirements. We commit to secure and protect you and your company from any legal and regulatory liability.